What about a gastric bypass

It is unfortunate that the gastric bypass is only for the obese instead of just the overweight. Diabetes is controlled 75% of the time with a gastric bypass even in those who have a Body Mass Index (number given depending on height and weight normal being less than 25) of 28. Gastric bypass is usually allowsed at 35 BMI in diabetics.  Of interest we at Valley Endocrine and Research have recommended a gastric bypass for patients since 1990. Matter of fact Dr. Richard Betcher, at my insistance did this for me and he had since done 5000 gastric bypasses. He has since retired but it was amazing how the diabetes disappeared. Also it is amazing how much better the patient feel after losing 100 pounds. It is like a new life. 

Paul Norwood MD, FACP. FACE Associate Clinical Professor

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Hypoglycemia is rare but because of gastric bypasses are more prevalent.

Ketogenic diet is nothing new

A diet low in carbs and high in fat is similar to the Atkins diet. It comes and goes. However I am not condemning it. If it can be followed it is great. Carbohydrates add a lot of calories and are the bane of our existence. They only make us fatbut taste