Diabetes and carbs

Now I would like you to think on how a hunter gatherer lives. Do they have carbs in their diet? Remember there was not farming. Well carbs are a

product of farming. So no farming, rare carbs.  Would there be days that a person doesn't eat? Well certainly during the winters there would be days

that one would fast. So we are not made to eat 3 times a day, day in and day out. Carbs would be rare. The wealth of this country where calories

are so plentiful is a rarity in the history of mankind. So the best diet is the one that emulates what we would do as a hunter gasterer. No eating for

16 hours and then early sparsely without carbs will make the diabetes and pancreas feel relieved from stress and the weight would be correct. Carbs

are the enemy. They are so unnatural. 

Paul Norwood MD, FACP. FACE Associate Clinical Professor

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Ketogenic diet is nothing new

A diet low in carbs and high in fat is similar to the Atkins diet. It comes and goes. However I am not condemning it. If it can be followed it is great. Carbohydrates add a lot of calories and are the bane of our existence. They only make us fatbut taste